Cloud Point of Sale Software for Retail Business

Every owner of a store or establishment has a need to use software to manage trading operations. I present to you a cloud-based system for managing a warehouse, store and trade in general. A complete system includes front and back office. Can be used on any device. Available 24 hours from anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
It is an interactive warehouse management platform that enables You to quickly and easily perform various operations (sales, purchases, production, claims, etc.), to make payments, and create documents with a modern design that comply with the normative requirements.
This solution works on a subscription basis, you pay a monthly low cost of only $ 7 per user to use it.
What do you get for this money?


  • Sales and orders
  • Full stock control
  • Working with customer base
  • Payments monitoring
  • Retail Business automation
  • Complete POS terminal


Front POS panel
pos system


Back panel
pos system back panel

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