About me

Hello, my name is Andreas, I am a private independent webmaster.
I have been developing web sites for over 10 years. Since I got my special education as a web programmer in 2005,worked for a bit in a large oil and gas company and later took up private practice. I studied web programming in PHP, ASP, Perl cgi, Java script studied web design and HTML layout, CSS defended his thesis project on “Database Management via the Internet “, while working in an oil and gas company, I developed and implemented 7 software products.

In early 2006 to 2008, I did practical training in Germany, studied the use of platforms for building websites,
use of templates in web design. Made several practical projects on Joomla, WordPress, XT-Commerce platforms.In the future, I also studied the construction of online stores on woocommerce, opencart, presta shop, magento.

Since 2010 I have been studying SEO site optimization with practical exercises. After that I worked for a large company selling spare parts as SEO online store support specialist. Since 2012 I have been engaged in SEO optimization and website promotion as a private specialist.

Until now, I am constantly engaged in private practice, I have significant experience in building and using online stores,I constantly go through training courses to keep abreast of modern requirements. I continue to study new PHP versions, provide practical lessons,I give advice to beginners.

Since 2018 I have been writing practical programs in PHP on order. I have developed a portable web server for MS Windows which can work on any system and actually in which my programs work in PHP language. Several programs for the web interface for trade and warehouse management.

I am open to commercial cooperation. My partners are buying companies such as Templatemonster, Alibaba group, XT-Commerce.

Throughout my practice, I studied setting up and configuring web servers for Linux. And by now he’s done well enough in building virtual VPS servers from creation to configuration.

Also, a lot of time in my practice is devoted to working with databases such as My SQL, MS SQL Server and applications for working with them.

On an equal footing with web development, I can also do testing of web sites, as a specialist can draw up detailed test cases according to predefined parameters or according to your own opinion.
Big request, I am ready to deal only with specific issues. If you have a specific task for me with a specific budget, write to me to discuss.

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