SEO optimization and website promotion

SEO website optimization is the most important stage in website development. Optimization for search engines begins already when planning a site, the correct choice of design, adapted design, the arrangement of elements on the site page. The first most important condition for a successful website is the website loading speed, ideally it should not exceed 10 seconds. If the design of the site is chosen too loaded with images, videos and scripts, then this will significantly slow down the loading of the site. Therefore, the choice of design should be entrusted to a professional with experience.
Listen to the recommendations of a specialist. Slow website loading makes all subsequent SEO optimization steps ineffective.
The second important condition for a successful website SEO is to prepare the right content. The text content should be carefully selected, it is better if the text is written by a specialist. All site content must be unique, copying from other sites is not allowed.
Also, successful SEO site optimization depends on the quality of writing the site code, meta tags decriptions must be present meta tags keywords. The correct spelling of meta tags should also be done by a specialist.
In general, SEO site optimization is a set of activities that must be carefully developed based on research. Site research on the subject of search optimization, this is a separate work that is performed by a specialist with experience.
SEO optimization of a finished website consists of three stages.
1. Site Research
2. Development of activities
3. Development of the site according to the events

My experience allows me to quickly research the site and create recommendations for fixing errors.
Another important link in the chain of SEO optimization activities is the selection of keywords and phrases by which to search for a site in search engines. Keywords must be carefully selected to bypass competitors. A set of selected keywords and phrases for the site called the semantic core of the site. The development of a semantic core for the site is also a separate work that must be performed qualified specialist.

I have been doing SEO since 2008, my knowledge and experience help me cope with all the above stages of SEO optimization and give a guarantee for a positive result from their work more than 50%.
I can also give advice to those who want to independently optimize and promote their site.
The cost of work is determined individually, but the minimum amount is 50 €.
For a rough estimate of any final costs that may arise, see the following table:


  • SEO optimization consultation – 50 $
  • Development of the semantic core of the site- 200 $
  • Site research for SEO optimization- 180 $
  • Complex SEO website optimization – 1800 $ once
  • SEO support of the site – 180 $ per month



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