Website maintenance

The finished site should not just be unchanged on the Internet.
The site must be periodically updated, supplemented, modified, all this creates traffic on the site,
makes the site live. Google search engine, for example, if the site does not change and is not updated for a long time, it records such a site in the list of “dead sites” may be the site is no longer relevant and forgotten by its owner.

For those who do not have time to maintain their site, there are site maintenance services.
What is site maintenance and what is included in the list of such services?
First of all, this is constant monitoring of performance, timely troubleshooting and elimination.
For example, if a site does not work for several days, this has a very negative effect on its positions in search.
Thus, all the money spent and efforts on the SEO of the site lose their meaning. The site may not work for many reasons,either this is a problem with the hosting, or the site is infected with a virus or malicious code, or maybe the owner simply forgot to pay for domain renewal. Monitoring site activity will help.
Tracking the position of the site in the search results for keywords helps to timely detect flaws in SEO optimization and develop a new plan of measures to raise and maintain the site’s rating.
Updating the site, making the necessary changes is a prerequisite for successful SEO events, periodic changes or additions texts on the site, changing pictures or videos has a positive effect on the site’s ranking in search engines.

So what exactly is site maintenance?
Site maintenance includes:
1. Monitoring site activity and taking measures to maintain performance
2. Monitoring of site positions in search engines and drawing up cases for SEO optimizer
3. Periodic updating of site content
Website maintenance services are not expensive but save a lot of money and time for the website owner.
I, as an experienced specialist, provide such services, in the process of work I have developed action plans that allow me to serve websites are faster and better.
The cost of my site maintenance services is 100 $ per month for one site.

site maintenance

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