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Modern search engines are equipped with artificial intelligence, search engine robots track every user action from the moment he started typing words in the search bar. Search engines analyze what the user is looking for, what products or what information, by what words, what sites he views, at what time, and so on, in total they are analyzed about 400 parameters. All collected information is used by search engines to accurately display what the user is looking for, including and recommends for review what was selected using the results of the analysis. In addition, search engines have their own advertising network, it can be advertising in search, advertising on other sites, advertising in video content.


Thus, it is very effective to use the advertising network of the search engine if we want to get targeted traffic to our site.The most powerful advertising is Google AdWords.


The use of site advertisements allows you to get interested users visiting the site in a short time. Together with SEO optimization, the use of site advertising creates a powerful stream for site promotion, especially for new sites.

The most important thing is to set up your advertising campaign correctly. Setting up an advertising company is not an easy task, first you need to choose the type of advertising, either it is advertising in search results, or it is advertising in media content, or advertising on websites. You can choose all methods, however, this leads to a rapid consumption of the advertising budget. Next, the keywords for which your site is displayed are selected, the system automatically suggests word options, but you need to figure out which of them bring more visits. Also, setting up an advertising company takes several parameters such as display time, display geography, maximum budget per day, etc.

If you use an advertising campaign without fine tuning, it will lead to a quick waste of the advertising budget with minimal site visits.
Therefore, it is better to entrust the work of setting up an advertising company to a professional.
I have experience in setting up advertising campaigns since 2015, I can make settings based on the wishes of the client.

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